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Search Engine Marketing | Google Ads Campaign Management

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Search Engine Marketing is an effective Internet advertising program. We will create simple, effective ads for your website and display them to people already searching online in Google for information related to your business.

SEM ensures:

  • Reduced advertising cost – as you pay just for the clicks the ad receives
  • Tremendous reach – ensures global reach & universal presence of ads
  • Dramatically increase site traffic as well as conversion rates
  • An effective means to build brand popularity

The ads will be displayed in Google search network and display network:

  • Google search network: Includes Google search pages, search sites, and properties that display search results pages, such as Froogle and EarthLink. The ads can appear alongside or above search results, as part of a results page as a user navigates through a site’s directory, or on other relevant search page.
  • Google content network: Includes news pages, topic-specific websites, blogs, and other properties – such as Gmail and The Times of India. The ads can appear on a webpage if the content and URL of that page relate to the ad.
  • Remarketing Campaign: Remarketing lets you show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the Web.
  • Dynamic Search Ads: Dynamic Search Ads target relevant searches with ads generated directly from your web site — dynamically. When a relevant search occurs, an ad with a headline based on the query is dynamically generated, and the text based on your most relevant landing page.

Steps for SEM Management

These are the steps we follow in PPC Management.

Product / Service Analysis

This phase will help us to understand the clients marketing philosophy and strategies. Thoroughly understanding the product/service strengths and USPs play a very important part in creating an effective online marketing campaign, aligned with client’s marketing goals.

Understanding the Target Audience

Understanding the target audience is crucial in formulating effective advertising messages. A clear and targeted advertising message ensures high quality traffic to client website.

Competitor Analysis

This step will help us to understand client’s position in the market. Competitor analysis will help to understand the strengths and weakness of client’s product or service. This will help us to formulate effective SEM strategies.

Strategy Development

We will convert client’s marketing goals to actionable SEM strategies ensuring high ROI from online marketing efforts. We will develop an online strategy to increasing sales or leads to a substantial level and we will ensure Complete Online Branding for our client’s business.

Keyword Research

Finding the right profitable and targeted keywords makes or breaks a PPC campaign. Finding the right keyword will reduce online PPC campaign spend to a large extend.

Ad Creation – Text Ads & Image Ads

Ads are primary information which connects sellers to their customers. We will ensure these ads pass a clear, specific and compelling message which will increase sales and leads. We will make sure these ads promote the proper Brand image over the web.

Text ads

The procedure for Text ads involves the selection of a good number of best performing keywords related to the website and grouping them into different ad groups. Later on specific, well written and compelling text ads, with different variations are created for each ad groups. So we will group the keywords selected for the website into different ad groups and then create different ad variations for each ad groups.

Text ads generally contain the following four lines:

  • Headline (tow lines of 30 characters, including spaces): The title attracts users who might be interested in your products or services.
  • Description (two lines of up to 80 characters each, including spaces): These two lines contain your product, service, and other details (such as promotions). The content in these lines should be clear enough to communicate your intent and compelling enough to convince the user to click your ad and visit your site.
  • Destination URL (up to 1024 characters): This is the actual page where users land when they click your ad. The URL won’t appear in your ad. Many advertisers link their ads to particular destination pages within their website, but use the simpler URL of their homepage as the display URL.

Image Ads

Image ads are graphic ads that can be static (motionless) or animated. These will contain compelling and catchy captions and supporting text, with a call for action to initiate the readers to click and reach the intended page.

Account Creation/Campaign Setup

Proper structuring of the PPC campaign is as important as the right keywords. Keywords carefully segregated in to proper ad groups will help in delivering a targeted and compelling advertising message to the audience. This will also help us in measuring the results for different products or services of client’s business and reducing cost.

Campaign Management & Optimization

Campaign management and optimization is a continuous process. For us the client requirements are initial benchmarks and we always try to generate more number of leads or sales for our clients. We ensure systematic and strategic optimization for all our Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Tracking & Analysis

We track and analyze campaign data on a daily basis, making required adjustments and strategy changes whenever needed. Continuous data analysis helps us to understand emerging user behavior patterns and provides much needed marketing intelligence. This will further help us to reduce advertising costs and increase sales and leads.

Reporting Format:

ClicksImpressionsCTRAvg. CPCCostConversionsCost Per Conversion
  • Detailed reporting can be provided if required.

Support: By Email or Telephonic. We will have monthly once discussion about the project proceedings.